Updated Bid Request Form, Land Clearing, & Pictures

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Updated Bid Request Form, Land Clearing, & Pictures

We’ve made lots of updates to our site to hopefully better serve you, our customers. Its been a busy year, but we finally got some time to freshen up the website. You’ll see the major changes below:

Bid Request Form

We’ve updated the bid request form. Its a little longer now, but for smaller tree jobs (8 or less trees), it should help us give a bid without having to drive to the location. This means a little more work for our customers, as they’ll need to take a picture or two, and measure the diameter of the tree(s). However, since we don’t have to use time and money to come and look at the job, we offer a 15% discount off the bid price! Its just one way we pass savings on to our customers, while still providing the highest quality removal services.

Land Clearing Page

We’ve updated the “More” page to be the “Land Clearing” page. Land clearing is anytime we clear more than a few trees, or brush, rocks, garbage, etc. The most common reasons for land clearing is to clear the way for a building, parking lot, or development; a fire break; removing trees from power-line right-of-ways, creating a path for a road, etc.

Now you can see pictures of our land clearing jobs, and read more about how good we are at it.

If you need any land clearing done, request a bid online or call us at 801-369-3314.


We also added pictures to the Land Clearing page. As well as a bunch of demolition pictures to the demo page, from a large interior demo we did back in January (the one from the video).