About Done Right

Original Done Right Truck 2004

About Done Right

Northern Utah & Idaho Land Clearing, Improvement & Demolitions

Done Right Removal LLC is a Utah company owned and operated by Spencer Miller.

Spencer is a land clearing, land improvement, junk removal and demolitions expert. He has more than 8 years of experience with all kinds of removal from the smallest projects and trees, to very large commercial demolitions. Spencer originally founded Done Right as a tree removal business in 2004. At first he didn’t know what to name his new company. Clients kept telling him “I just want it done right.” Because getting the job done right was his focus and goal, people were repeatedly satisfied that he had met their wishes, and the name stuck.

Though the business was very successful, in order to gain valuable experience in larger projects, Spencer convinced a large construction company to hire him to head up a new demolitions department. In 2008, when the economy took a down-turn and construction companies were among the hardest hit, his employer became unable to pay basic job costs so that Spencer could continue producing revenue.

In 2009 Spencer revived his tree removal business, but used his new experience to focus on much larger projects that included everything from clearing trees from large tracts of land, to improving the irrigation, firebreaks, roads, right of way clearing, and even demolitions of large and small residential and commercial buildings. In 2009 Done Right Removal LLC was born. Focused on customer satisfaction and true to the origins of the company, our name says it all: If you hire us to complete your land clearing or improvement job, it will be DONE RIGHT!

In 2012 Spencer moved his business to Eastern Idaho to focus on the kind of work he does best, and enjoys most: catering to ranches, farms, and back-country landowners. Serving Eastern Idaho, as well as Western Montana, and Western Wyoming, Done Right is your go-to solution for any land clearing, improvement, landscape, excavation, or demolition jobs.